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Blackwood Homecoming Celebrates Community Involvement

By Lauralee McIntosh

The holiday weekend of August saw a slew of activities that were celebrated in the Blackwood community of North Abaco. It was the annual Blackwood Homecoming event, that brought people from near and far. Family and friends, gaily dressed and out to have a grand time.

The first evening featured a devotional part with opening prayers, National Anthem and the regular opening protocol. Residents of the community were enthusiastic participants. The celebration also featured Ms. Teen Bahamas International Fanaeya Nicholson, Local Government representative Deavalo Russell and the Hon. Darren Henfield who gave remarks and assisted in distributing the awards.

Twenty-four persons were honoured for their commitment to seeing the community thrive and remain tight-knit. Residents were awarded in the areas of Business, Civics, Sports, Religion, Community involvement and Teamwork. Two awards were given posthumously, recognizing the legacies of both Michael Baillou and Nigel Bootle.

The following days were bustling with liveliness that catered to all interests, including musical chairs, water melon eating and other such fair. Musical artists throughout the event included Stompey McIntosh, Wilfred Solomon, Veronica Bishop and the renowned Kirkland Bodie who sang and danced with vibrant energy.

Lorenzo Davis received the MVP for the Homecoming Basketball Tournament.

The young men on Sunday participated in an intense basketball tournament hosted by Timothy Bullard. The teams, Run and Gun bested the North Ballers 100-96, with Lorenzo Davis receiving the MVP for his team Run and Gun with 45 points. The homecoming ended with pools, slides and water games for the children and powder fete for the adults.

President of the Committee, Anthoneka Nixon says that despite the fact that were few sponsors, the event was a smashing success. She acknowledged the foundation that was established by Esaias Cornish, later resumed by Judy Adams and Edison Cornish. Without community-minded people, very little will happen. She stated admiration for Cash and Go, which stepped up to the plate with sponsorship at the late minute.

Ms. Nixon offered that the true purpose of the annual event is to promote community awareness and involvement. In addition, it is to ensure that friends and families of her beloved community would return home and reconnect with their roots.

Proceeds from the homecoming will assist with back-to-school supply; the remaining would help to fund the meals on wheels during thanksgiving and Santa’s helpers programme in December.

Ms. Nixon again acknowledged the teamwork that residents displayed, investing both their time and money unselfishly into their community. This teamwork is truly evidence of their love for family and friends.

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