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Twelve Hour Power Outage Result of Component Failure

Consumers across Abaco experienced a 12-hour power outage on January 27 as Bahamas Power and Light (BPL) carried out repairs on a failed Air Compressor at the Wilson City Power Station.

While there was silence on the outage from BPL throughout the day, residents were kept abreast of the repair progress via Central and South Abaco MP, James Albury who checked with BPL Abaco Manager Donald Maclellan about the status.

After power was restored to most of the island by about 5pm that evening, certain areas remained off or experienced additional power outages, including some of the Cays, parts of Dundas Town and Treasure Cay.

Despite reaching out to BPL there has been no formal answers on the situation that lead to yet another extended power outage, save the vague public relations status updates infrequently posted on Facebook.

The last, and most comprehensive statement read: “On Sunday, January 27, 2019, BPL Abaco Operations suffered an electrical component failure at the Wilson City Power Station, due to challenges with the air supply. The air supply system has since been rectified and strengthened. There are now three units available, which puts the station in a better position than prior to the outage.”

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