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Left to right: Bill Higgs, Rudolph Verspoor, Marie Neilly, Paul Thompson, Kenny Maltarp, Jeremy Sweeting and Michael Myers.

Hope Town Community Center Open

At a ribbon cutting ceremony on January 14, 2017 the Hope Town Community Center was officially opened for business.

According to the Committee, “The Community Center provides a place and opportunity to express and share all this creative energy so Hope Town will continue to thrive as a great place for families, community groups and cultural events. The building was designed to reflect the traditional island style and is situated on park land in the middle of the settlement, creating a thriving cultural/center for the community.”

Rudi Verspoor, the main benefactor of the project thanked the committee and especially Paul Thompson who he knew was the right man to “shepherd the project” to completion.

He said the vision was to see a facility that could host different events family gatherings, concerts, plays; “one of the things I would like to see is an adult theater group.”

“One of the dreams we had is to use the center for educational programs for young people and adults; to learn particular skills that they may not get from the school system,” he said.

The Center is also able to facilitate use as a hurricane shelter.

He said that Michael Myers generously had drawn up a landscaping plan that highlighted a green space and atrium area between the Center and the Mission House that could facilitate outdoor gatherings and theater along with a beautified area leading to the beach on the North Side.

He said that support is needed from the community to “turn it into something that adds to the vibrancy of this community; there is so much talent on this island that is untapped.”

Rev A Marie Neilly of the Methodist Church was on hand to cut the ribbon.

Ground was broken for the Center on April 6, 2015 and work progressed smoothly over time.

The Center is ready to host community events. Contact Monica Cook (monicacook@gmail.com) to book an event.

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