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October, 2017

  • 6 October

    Town Committee Ends Public Events at Domestic Port

    Events that were once held at the Domestic Port in Marsh Harbour have been discontinued as the Marsh Harbour Spring City Town Committee dealt with security concerns as well as other complaints about the condition of the dock. While Town Committee Chairman Roscoe Thompson said he was unsure of whether …

July, 2016

  • 1 July

    Marsh Harbour Port Deficiencies Being Addressed; Director Denies Allegations that Port’s ISPS Status Will Be Revoked

    Rumors that the Marsh Harbour International Port had failed to comply with International Ship and Port Facility Security (ISPS) Code, and was in danger of losing its international status if not brought into compliance within four months, were denied by Port Director Captain Cyril Roker.

June, 2016

  • 2 June

    Port Responds to Conditions at Marsh Harbour Facility

    In early May this year a video and pictures surfaced on social media highlighting deplorable conditions at the Marsh Harbour International Port’s bathroom facility on the dock which has currently been out of order for over three years.

  • 2 June

    Receiving Cruise Ships a Possible Use for North Abaco Port

    Work progresses on the $38 million North Abaco Port as buildings at the port begins taking shape, and the year-end completion date still on target according to North Abaco Member of Parliament, Renardo Curry.

May, 2016

  • 20 May

    Deplorable Bathroom Conditions at Port Shock Residents

    While construction continues on $39 million North Abaco port development in Coopers Town the International Port in Marsh Harbour continues to show a lack of maintenance highlighted by a recent video that surfaced on social media showing the deplorable state of the bathrooms at the facility.

January, 2016

  • 8 January

    Work Continues on North Abaco Port

    Construction continues on the $38 million North Abaco Port with the majority of labour intensive work set to begin in the new year which will lead to additional jobs for Bahamians.

April, 2015

  • 2 April

    CHEC Faces Port Challenges

    Chinese Harbour Engineering Company (CHEC) is reassuring the public of its commitment to successfully completing the $39 Million North Abaco Port Project, as unexpected challenges are resolved.

February, 2015

  • 12 February

    North Abaco Port Faces Delays

    Studies on a blue hole found near to the site of the North Abaco Port, just north of Cooper’s Town, have been the cause of some delays to progress according to North Abaco Minister of Parliament and Parliamentary Secretary, Renardo Curry.

January, 2015

  • 29 January

    Captains Denounce Port Conditions

    The Marsh Harbour Port is responsible for roughly $40 million of government revenue every year. It is the heart of Abaco’s economy, as the majority of all goods must flow through this facility. The freight captains who use these docks weekly realize these facts and are understandably upset about the Port’s state of disrepair.

October, 2014

  • 30 October

    DPM Visits North Abaco Port

    About a week after work was stopped at the North Abaco Port project due to “environmental concerns” the Minister of Works and Urban Renewal, Deputy Prime Minister Philip Brave Davis toured the site on October 22 noting that he expects work to continue “very soon.”