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December, 2017

  • 18 December

    Traffic fatality and Shooting Incident Mar First Week of December

    The first weekend of December turned into a deadly one as two residents succumbed to injuries sustained during an accident on Forest Drive on December 2. Police report that shortly before midnight, they were called to a traffic accident on Forest Drive, involving a black Nissan Silvia with three male …

November, 2017

  • 29 November

    Hope Town Police Vehicle Donation, Man-O-War Dock Repairs and School Air Condition Among HTDC’s Agenda

    The Hope Town District Council met in Man-O-War on November 18 to conduct their regular business as part of the commitment to hold meeting in the different parts of their District. Among business discussed Self Drive (SD) Plates were discussed at length as persons who were awarded plates for golf …

October, 2017

  • 11 October

    Police Officers Conduct Walk-a-Bout in Downtown Marsh Harbour

    Police officers of the Marsh Harbour Police Station patrolled downtown Marsh Harbour on Sept. 27. According to Chief Supt. Kevin Mortimer, they visited business owners to address any concerns they may have during their walk-a-bout. He said there was mention of one or two “undesirables” suffering from mental illnesses found …

September, 2017

  • 1 September

    Where is Law Enforcement?

    By Jeremy Sweeting I have said many times, that 70 percent of our country’s problems are due to the lack of enforcement. Over the centuries that our parliament (the third oldest legislature in the Western Hemisphere) have been enacting legislation, lawmakers have had very little help from the various arms …

April, 2017

  • 5 April

    700 Pot Plants Procured by Police

    Consistent with the Commissioner’s Policing Plans for 2017, shortly before 1:00pm, police in Abaco acting on information went to an area in Fox Town, Abaco, where they discovered a field of marijuana plants totaling (692) plants.

March, 2017

  • 16 March

    $1 Million of Cocaine Seized Off Abaco

    Seven men were charged on March 7 in connection with a $1.1 million cocaine seizure after they were arrested on March 2 in waters off South Abaco.

  • 16 March

    Increase in Break-Ins Alarm Residents

    Crime Report

    A recent spate of shop and residential break-ins have residents of the Central Abaco area, and in particular Marsh Harbour, reasonably upset and wanting answers.

October, 2016

  • 20 October

    Remains of a Child Found after House Fire in The Mudd

    Police in Abaco are investigating a house fire and the discovery of the charred remains of a young child.

September, 2016

  • 16 September

    Police Hold Town Meeting in Hope Town

    Members of the Royal Bahamas Police Force, led by Abaco’s new Officer in Charge, Hilton Cash, held a town meeting at St. James Methodist Church in Hope Town on September 8, 2016 to address the concerns of residents.

  • 1 September

    Government Summer Jobs Program Provide Experience and Money for Youngsters

    During the months of July and August, a large number of local high schools and College of The Bahamas’ students were offered the possibility to earn money while holding a short term Summer Job, ranging from one to three weeks. Most jobs were at Government’s offices with one or two …