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March, 2017

  • 3 March

    Road Traffic Amendments Discussed for Hope Town

    Controller of Road Traffic, Ross Smith, along with Senior Road Traffic Officer Mark Ingraham, spoke to a small group of concerned citizens concerning the proposed Road Traffic Regulations amendments for the historic village of Hope Town on February 23 at Hope Town Harbour Lodge.

May, 2014

  • 1 May

    Marsh Harbour residents say “Enough!” to unsightly parking problem in town

    Local town beautification activists have secured permission from property owners and the support of local police and Town Council in preventing illegal and unsightly parking in the Marsh Harbour area. Recently signs have been posted in certain green areas alerting motorists that parking is not allowed. Flyers were also placed in car windshields alerting drivers that after April 21 cars would be towed. According to one concerned citizen, illegal parking is just one part of the issue. The appearance of Marsh Harbour is being degraded, and this is an extra serious problem for Abaco considering tourism is the driving industry. “They're destroying all efforts we make attempting to keep our downtown area looking nice.” Prior to the “No Parking” signs and subsequent enforcement, the area of Marsh Harbour from the stop light to Memorial Plaza would be littered with parked vehicles: mostly commuters going to work in Guana Cay. An alarming amount of trash was also being generated in these areas adding to the decline in the areas’ appearance. Efforts to tow vehicles and preventing the illegal parking appear to be working. The areas of concern are less congested and motorists are beginning to get the message that vehicles are not welcome on the lawns and there will be enforcement of the rules.