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February, 2013

  • 26 February

    Financial Services Minister meets with MOB

    Marina Operators of The Bahamas (MOB) met on Feb 5 at the Schooner Bay development in South Abaco. On the agenda for the meeting was a financial overview of the organization, a discussion of new marketing tactics and presentations by ancillary partners such as the Police who reported on stolen vessels throughout the country. The day was capped by a round table discussion with the Minister for Financial Services: the Hon. Ryan Pinder. MOB made the case to Mr. Pinder that the government loses millions of dollars in revenue a year from faulty recording a collection practices in the marina and yachting industries.

September, 2012

  • 18 September

    Ryan Pinder Visits Manufacturers

    With a view to better support and encourage manufacturers in Abaco and The Bahamas, Minister of Financial Services, the Hon. Ryan Pinder, brought welcome news to producers that the Industries Encouragement and the Tariff Acts have been amended and that they will be setting up a standards bureau. Mr. Pinder visited a variety of local manufacturers and producers on September 10 including Albury Brother’s Boat Builders, Albury's Sail Shop, Abaco Big Bird and Abaco Neem, in order to get “an understanding of the concerns and also the opportunities that exist for these local manufacturers.”