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September, 2013

  • 13 September

    Artist Highlight: Kimberly Sturrup-Roberts

    This week’s featured artist is a highly talented crafter. Kimberly Sturrup Roberts has a very lively imagination which is always leading to innovative new ideas which, along with her very skilled fingers, ensure that she always has some exciting new project in hand. Kimberly’s creative talents first came to the attention of the people of Abaco when she opened a shop in Memorial Plaza in 1995 which sold Bahamian-made crafts and craft supplies. Then in 1998 she began her own special line of crafts, naming her company Bahama Dawn. In 2005 she closed shop and opened her own studio where she keeps very busy with her creations. Her skills are not limited to any one type of craft for as she states on her website; “I like to melt glass and metal, stitch fabric and get messy in clay.”