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January, 2017

  • 12 January

    #WeMarch Activists Take to the Streets on Majority Rule Day

    On Tuesday, January 10, 1967 Bahamians finally realized majority rule in the country - the right of one man, one vote – and fifty years later on the same date, thousands of Bahamians marched again for their rights.

September, 2015

  • 10 September

    From the Editor’s Desk: Solutions

    I’d like to start this editorial by publicly thanking my hard working staff. Last issue (September 1) I was off-island during the time we typically assemble this newspaper. They were able to pick up my slack and put out a product I can be proud of and I hope you readers enjoyed.

September, 2014

  • 11 September

    From the Editor’s Desk: None of My Business

    We have a brand new airport. It is beautiful and will open the door to more tourist dollars if properly directed. But we are told that the government barely has the money to keep its bathrooms stocked with toilet paper. Yet they found $3 million somewhere to build a brand new freight and office building?