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February, 2017

  • 7 February

    Ancient DNA Extracted from Extinct Bahamian Tortoise: Abaco Tortoises More Closely Related to Species from Pacific Galapagos than North America

    A thousand years ago, the islands of The Bahamas were home to land-dwelling crocodiles and large tortoises. They were the island’s top predators and prey species before humans arrived in the archipelago. An abrupt change in the island’s animal populations occurred around the same time people migrated into the Bahamian Archipelago.

August, 2016

  • 10 August

    FRIENDS Ecosystems Camps Teach Love of Environment and Fishing Skills

    Summer is here and with it a multitude of restless children waiting to be entertained with interesting projects and new learning experiences. For the past ten years, Friends of the Environment, Abaco’s environmental education organization, has been offering children’s camps to awaken their interest in preserving Abaco’s delicate environment and …

January, 2016

  • 14 January

    Impacts of Natural, Human Factors on Abaco Bird Extinctions

    Dr. David Steadman, associate director for Research and Collections at the University of Florida, and curator of Ornithology at the Florida Museum of Natural History, spoke about natural and human factors that brought about the extinction of birds on Abaco.