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September, 2013

  • 13 September

    Weekly softball games lead up to playoffs

    The Abaco Softball Association’s Facebook page announced that all roads would lead to the Murphy Town Ball Field on Aug. 23 for a double header featuring Simple Solution and Hope Town Wreckers and then the Creter’s Bulldogs against the DNR Sluggers. Simple Solution enjoyed an easy win against the Wreckers, beating them 10 to 1. The same was true for the Bulldogs as they swept the game away from DNR. The Bulldogs scored seven runs; DNR scored one.

August, 2013

  • 8 August

    Triple-header softball games add flavour to July schedule

    Softball games continued at the Murphy Town Ball Field on July 19-20. In the first game, the Abaco Groceries Diamond Dollz faced Team L.A. Although it was a close call, the Diamond Dollz beat Team L.A. – 4 to 2. In the second game, the T.C. Jets beat Hope Town Wreckers: 12 to 3. Scores from July 21 triple header saw Team L.A. handing down a devastating blow to the Terez Gas Angels – beating them 20 to 4. It was DNR versus Simple Solutions in the following game, and DNR beat the North Abaco team – 5 to 2. In the final game, Creter’s Bulldogs beat the Hope Town Wreckers – 7 to 2.

September, 2012

  • 18 September

    Central Abaco softball teams win double header

    After softball games were cancelled the night before, players eagerly looked forward to the double header scheduled on September 1 in Cooper’s Town. The first game featured was between the RJ Bonefish Runners and the Lady Sluggers. The first inning was dominated by the Lady Sluggers, who managed to secure a series of runs putting them in an early lead against their opponents. Although the Runners fought back and were able to accumulate a few runs, they were not enough to topple the Lady Sluggers who were on a roll by the final inning. In the end, the Lady Sluggers beat the RJ Runners: 14 to 6.