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November, 2017

  • 29 November

    Sweat it Out: This is Your “Get To”

    For far too long, we have been crippled by the words “I have to”… I have to go to work…. I have to exercise…. I have to go on a diet…. I have to (fill in the blank). These words create chores: things we dread doing. We sit on the …

April, 2017

  • 28 April

    Sweat it Out: But I Don’t Like That

    Above all, you have to give yourself time to adjust to liking some foods. Your taste buds have to be retrained. And that means that you won’t love everything you eat for a while. But it will get easier, and you will start to like the foods more.

March, 2017

  • 3 March

    Sweat it Out: Say No to ‘Low Carb’

    We have discussed before that the best nutritional method of weight loss is eating the right portions of every food group. Unless it’s medically necessary, the best route is to never cut out any food group from your diet. You may say, “What about carbs? I thought carbs were bad …