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June, 2018

  • 27 June

    North Abaco MP Addresses Budget Debate

    Member of Parliament for North Abaco and Minister of Foreign Affairs, Darren Henfield, noted that the Government of the Bahamas must now do the “hard thing to mitigate and or fix the mismanagement of the previous Government.” Mr. Henfield said concerning the increase of VAT to 12 percent that “No …

August, 2015

  • 14 August

    Out Island Encouragement Act Provides Exemptions for Home Building Materials

    The Out Island Encouragement Act was brought online July 1, 2015 and is scheduled to run for one year. The Act is designed to give Duty exemptions on materials used on new home construction or existing home renovations.

July, 2015

  • 16 July

    MP Notes Abaco’s Growth During Budget Debate

    During the budget debate in June, North Abaco Member of Parliament and Parliamentary Secretary Renardo Curry said that Abaco “continues to experience aggressive advancements”, noting that over 190 new businesses have been licensed between January and May of this year.

June, 2015

  • 1 June

    Items of Interest for Abaco from the Prime Minister’s Budget Address

    Excerpts from the PM’s Address Baker’s Bay The ultra-exclusive Baker’s Bay is proceeding with a $105 million capital expansion that will ultimately be a $2 billion investment project with 900 employees at full build out. To ensure additional employment for Abaconians, the developers are also embarking upon a skills training …

February, 2015

  • 26 February

    From the Editor’s Desk: Tick. Toc.

    Government pensions are a ticking time bomb. But as long as the political parties use the civil servants as a vote farm, it does not matter how much VAT money we raise - it will not fill the hole that continues to grow beneath our country’s feet.

September, 2014

  • 11 September

    Local Government Receives Minor Boost

    Subsequent to a meeting with the Ministry of Local Government and Minister responsible V. Alfred Gray, the Central Abaco District Council (CADC) received a boost of $42,000 to help cover recurring commitments after previously not receiving their full allotment.

August, 2014

  • 1 August

    Central Abaco District Council holds first meeting: Severe cuts discourage members

    The Central Abaco District Council held its first working meeting since the Local Government election on July 17, 2014. It was held in the government complex with all nine members attending. The members had met initially after the local government election to elect their officers. This Schedule II Council represents the district with the largest population and most buoyant economy in The Bahamas. (Freeport's Schedule I Council may represent a larger community than Central Abaco, but it is a hybrid Council operated in conjunction with the Port Authority.)

June, 2014

  • 11 June

    PM says Abaco poised for 1,000 new jobs

    During the Budget Communication in the House of Assembly in May the Prime Minister, The Right Honorable Perry G. Christie, stated that Abaco is poised to see some 1000 new job opportunities arrive over the next several years.

September, 2013

  • 25 September

    North Abaco experiences budget cut woes

    A press conference was called on Sept. 12 by Gary Smith, Chief Councillor for the North Abaco District Council, regarding the July 2013 budget cut for North Abaco that totaled 25.2 percent. Smith was joined by Garneth Edgecombe, chairman for Cooper’s Town; and Clyde Cornish, council member.

  • 13 September

    Summer program active in spite of government budget cuts

    Approximately thirty youths- high school and college students- were able to take advantage of the Government Summer Placement Program that ran from the beginning of July to August 23. Each child had the opportunity to work for one week in one of the government offices or private entities participating in the program. The Road traffic Department, The Port Authority, the Royal Police Force, the Department of Education, the Department of Marine Resources, the Ministry of Sports, Youth and Culture, BEC, the Post Office as well as Abaco Hardware and the College of The Bahamas employed students.