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January, 2014

  • 17 January

    From the Editor’s Desk: The Ministry of (Not) Works

    I hope the Ministry of Works is as good at preventing construction in the Pigeon Pea as they are at preventing construction at the new terminal.

November, 2013

  • 13 November

    From the Editor’s Desk: Sporty

    I should start by giving a big shout-out to Creter’s Bulldogs for bringing back the hardware. For the first time ever an Abaco softball team has beaten the heavy hitters out of Nassau and Freeport for the trophy. An incredible performance, to be sure.

  • 1 November

    From the Editor’s Desk: Spooky

    Can you believe the holidays are right around the corner? Likely by the time this paper gets to you we’ll be done with Halloween and those who celebrate Thanksgiving (or those of us who just look for another excuse to get together and eat a lot of food) will be gearing up for turkey.

September, 2013

  • 13 September

    From the Editor’s Desk: Wait and See

    Where did the $1.3 million go for the original road contract? When the original plan was trotted out and put on display for us it was sand and seal and patching throughout Central Abaco. Not what was promised us during that very heated election, but if done properly could have been acceptable.

August, 2013

  • 29 August

    From the Editor’s Desk: Cicadas

    Our country has memories. Memories attached to senses. Sight: kids jumping into the harbour during a full moon high tide. Smell: wafting night-blooming jasmine on a summer’s night. Touch: jumping off a boat and diving a few feet below the warm surface, hitting the hidden cooler water beneath as you …

  • 16 August

    Potholes Substitute for Crawfish Traps: A Comical Look at Abaco’s Roads

    Sadly, The Abaconian's Editor wasn't able to go out crawfishing on the start of the season. Luckily, there were a few flooded potholes around town he could go looking for whips in.

May, 2013

  • 30 May

    From the Editor’s Desk: Dead Horse

    Our Deputy Prime Minister, the Hon­ourable Philip Davis, was on island May 27. He was joined by the Honourable Gle­nys Hanna-Martin as well. It so happens that it is these two leaders that Abaconians so desperately want answers from. Mr. Davis, aside from being our country’s Deputy Prime Minister, also holds the title of Minister of Works. Right now, to my ears and yours, that translates to “Roads.”

March, 2013

  • 28 March

    The Quiet and the Beat

    On an exquisite Saturday this past week I was privileged to witness one of the most sublime, beautiful Bahamian sights I can recall. Allow me to set the scene.

  • 18 March

    From the Editor’s Desk: Cycle One

    Dear reader, it has been one year since I took the helm of our paper. The Abaconian has, remarkably, remained intact. Despite a few hiccups I feel like things have gone well.

January, 2013

  • 11 January

    From the Editor’s Desk: By Sea and by Air: Part II

    We didn’t really get a lot of cold weather this winter, did we? Well, not particularly my thing (I wouldn’t have minded a couple weeks of double layers) it is exactly what our friends from the north come here for. Then again, I guess it’s not too terrible to walk around in shorts and sandals on Christmas Day.