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November, 2016

  • 10 November

    Albert Lowe Museum Celebrates Forty Years

    By Amanda Diedrick Forty years ago this month, on November 6, 1976, surrounded by Bahamian, American, Canadian and British dignitaries and hundreds of well-wishers, Bahamian artist and historian Alton Lowe watched as then Minister of Tourism Clement Maynard cut the ribbon officially opening Green Turtle Cay’s Albert Lowe Museum. To …

March, 2014

  • 7 March

    GTC’s new “Artist in Residence” seeks the tranquility of island life

    Green Turtle Cay has a new face that’s become quite familiar these past few weeks. Usually found with his easel propped opposite his muse - one of the cay’s street views, homes or beaches, Rett Sturman has a growing collection of oil-painted scenes like the Albert Lowe Museum he’s currently working on.

November, 2013

  • 1 November

    Artist Highlight: Zyandric Jones

    Zyandric Jones is a gifted young artist who is passionate about his work. His favourite mediums are graphite and ink and many people are familiar with the amazingly detailed drawings, especially portraits, which he has shown at various art shows. One piece in particular that has always stayed in my mind is his very poignant drawing of Mother Theresa. His skills actually include many other mediums, such as video editing, figure drawing, 3-D modality and animation, Photoshop and sculpting as well as painting. He enjoys combining all mediums in one piece .

October, 2013

  • 11 October

    Artist Highlight: Brigitte Bowyer Carey

    Like most artists, Brigitte Bowyer began doodling very early on in life, in fact she even doodled in her high chair and was punished in school for drawing in her text books. Her dream was to be a painter and study at the famed ‘Sorbonne’ in Paris. However, she was an only child and her very protective father felt that Paris in the 60s would be too dangerous for his daughter. He felt that she should “study something more practical than painting pictures” and so she studied to become a graphic designer.

August, 2013

  • 8 August

    Artist Shirley Higgs rediscovers her passion

    The artistic talent of Shirley Higgs was first displayed about three years ago in a community art and craft show sponsored by the Marsh Harbour Gospel Chapel in the Grace Gym. This was the first time Mrs. Higgs had shown her artwork, and this very modest and unassuming lady was very nervous. However, she had no need to feel any nervousness because her work showed a lot of talent. The eye was immediately drawn to the beautiful horticultural paintings she had on display. It's amazing that she had no training apart from art lessons in school many years ago and that she had only recently taken up a paintbrush again.

January, 2013

  • 11 January

    Artist Profile – Leanne Russell

    As a self-taught Bahamian artist, Leanne Russell remembers a connection to art from an early age. She recalled a humourous story of being attached to her pacifier as a toddler. One day her mother gave her crayons, and she coloured on her pacifier. From then on she relinquished the pacifier, and became quite content to gaze upon its transformation to that of a work of art atop a shelf.