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February, 2014

  • 14 February

    Artist Highlight: Stacey Bethel-Adderley

    Stacey Bethel- Adderley is a multitalented young lady with creativity oozing out of every pore. She describes herself as a mixed media children's artist who received her BFA in fashion design with a minor in art history from the Savannah College of Art and Design. She subsequently attended the postgraduate programme in Art Education at the University of Arkansas in Little Rock and received her teaching certificate from the Association of Christian Schools International. She also received her dance teacher certification in August 2012.

December, 2013

  • 2 December

    Artist Highlight: A ‘Crafty’ Couple – Star Crafts

    Leo Bethel, since retiring from his full time job three years ago, has discovered that he has quite a talent for 'crafting.' His wife, Renee, who still works full time as a secretary / art teacher at Agape Christian School, and who shares his love of crafting, says that she has always been naturally artistic.

November, 2013

  • 1 November

    Artist Highlight: Zyandric Jones

    Zyandric Jones is a gifted young artist who is passionate about his work. His favourite mediums are graphite and ink and many people are familiar with the amazingly detailed drawings, especially portraits, which he has shown at various art shows. One piece in particular that has always stayed in my mind is his very poignant drawing of Mother Theresa. His skills actually include many other mediums, such as video editing, figure drawing, 3-D modality and animation, Photoshop and sculpting as well as painting. He enjoys combining all mediums in one piece .

September, 2013

  • 13 September

    Artist Highlight: Kimberly Sturrup-Roberts

    This week’s featured artist is a highly talented crafter. Kimberly Sturrup Roberts has a very lively imagination which is always leading to innovative new ideas which, along with her very skilled fingers, ensure that she always has some exciting new project in hand. Kimberly’s creative talents first came to the attention of the people of Abaco when she opened a shop in Memorial Plaza in 1995 which sold Bahamian-made crafts and craft supplies. Then in 1998 she began her own special line of crafts, naming her company Bahama Dawn. In 2005 she closed shop and opened her own studio where she keeps very busy with her creations. Her skills are not limited to any one type of craft for as she states on her website; “I like to melt glass and metal, stitch fabric and get messy in clay.”

August, 2013

  • 8 August

    Artist Shirley Higgs rediscovers her passion

    The artistic talent of Shirley Higgs was first displayed about three years ago in a community art and craft show sponsored by the Marsh Harbour Gospel Chapel in the Grace Gym. This was the first time Mrs. Higgs had shown her artwork, and this very modest and unassuming lady was very nervous. However, she had no need to feel any nervousness because her work showed a lot of talent. The eye was immediately drawn to the beautiful horticultural paintings she had on display. It's amazing that she had no training apart from art lessons in school many years ago and that she had only recently taken up a paintbrush again.

March, 2013

  • 28 March

    Local tattoo artist relies on experience and skill

    I had a new and very illuminating experience recently; I made a visit to Stephen Russell’s ‘Cosmic Wave Tattooing and Body Piercing Studio’ to learn more about this highly skilled art form. Many people still think of tattoos as being crude crosses or anchors or names tattooed on the bodies of sailors but this art form has gained in popularity recently and now adorns the bodies of people from all walks of life, many of whom one may be surprised to find have a tattoo.

  • 15 March

    Artist Highlight: A Talented Young Musician

    Seventeen year old Charles Carey III is a talented young musician looking ahead to a career in music. He felt music running through his blood at a very early age and began drumming at the age of five years with the help of his father, Reverend Charles Carey, Principal of Wesley College, who is also a talented musician.

  • 15 March

    Photographic Artist, Kevin Carroll, calls Abaco home

    Kevin Paul Carroll of KP Carroll Photography, is a professional freelance photographer with 35 years of experience in the field. He describes himself as a photographic artist who provides a service which was not really being offered. “I like to pop colours and my photographs are often mistaken for paintings,” he says. “Some of my paintings I convert to look like oil paintings but I always tell people what they are and never try to pass them off as paintings.”