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Every four years the nations of the Earth get a chance to compete in the Summer Olympics. A chance to showcase the athletic talent they have cultivated and to rally behind them. It’s not always about the medals, though that hardware is the ultimate prize, instead it’s often about seeing your country represented on the world stage. There is a reason the opening ceremony and walk-in always proves so popular.

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Insights for your Innerspring

Launch Yourself to Success with the Power of Belief What is your definition of success?  Is it having a great job, a fancy car, a beautiful house, the ability to take annual vacations, the acquisition of new things or giving your children the maximum advantage in life?  For many of …

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Have Some Pride

It is indeed a rare thing in The Bahamas to find people that care – I mean really and truly care – about our history. I say this because, first of all, it is a rare occurrence that relevant government agencies take the time and invest the money in order to maintain and preserve, much less restore important historical buildings.

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From the Editor’s Desk: Traps

Crawfish season is here. I can already hear the sound of boat engines roaring to life as everyone stretches out their slings to test their elastic, look for holes in their mesh bags and retrace the steps they took when they laid their last trap. Crawfish season is for many Bahamians and Abaconians a more exciting holiday than any other. It’s Christmas in July, except that it’s in August.

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‘Insights for your Innerspring’ – Inaugural Column

‘Insights for your Innerspring’ is a leadership and personal development column generally directed towards young people, entrepreneurs and business professionals. While content will cater to these aforementioned groups, the specific focus will be on young people and seek to address the challenges faced by this fragile group. I wish to thank this local paper for allowing me the space to present this column. My name is Whitney Bain and I will be your ‘Insight for your Innerspring’ guide.

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From the Editor’s Desk: Night Swimming

We recently hit the fever pitch of summer. With the week-long, island-wide Regatta leading into the festivities of our nation’s Independence a lot of activities have kept us busy. And we’ve had such nice weather for it, too. It is nice to see people from communities all over this island get together. That’s one reason I love the summer. With so many parties and events, such as the Independence celebrations behind us and the Sail Away and opening of Crawfish Season ahead of us, it allows a lot of us to get out there and see our friends and our beautiful island. As long as we don’t go overboard, we all have great times.

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