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Effect of Sandy on local agriculture

Hurricane Sandy, which visited the island on October 25, was a strange storm: it came sooner than expected, appeared to have left by midday Friday, but came back with a vengeance that same evening with the eye sitting for hours fifteen miles northeast of Marsh Harbour. Apart from severe flooding in some areas of Abaco, the damage did not seem too bad at first: a few fallen trees and broken branches, missing shingles on the roofs and a lot of debris. Many Abaconians rejoiced at first that there was no loss of lives and not excessive property damage

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Ryan Pinder Visits Manufacturers

With a view to better support and encourage manufacturers in Abaco and The Bahamas, Minister of Financial Services, the Hon. Ryan Pinder, brought welcome news to producers that the Industries Encouragement and the Tariff Acts have been amended and that they will be setting up a standards bureau. Mr. Pinder visited a variety of local manufacturers and producers on September 10 including Albury Brother’s Boat Builders, Albury's Sail Shop, Abaco Big Bird and Abaco Neem, in order to get “an understanding of the concerns and also the opportunities that exist for these local manufacturers.”

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BEC appoints new acting manager

Toni Seymour became the new acting manager for BEC’s Abaco Operations on August 6, and although surprised by the appointment, she expressed that she is looking forward to the challenge. It is a notable and historic move on Seymour’s part because a female has never held such a position on the Family Islands before. She explained that the position for manager was advertised internally and externally, and after completing an interview, she was selected for the position. So far, Seymour admitted that she has been overwhelmed by the support received from her colleagues, and she is hopeful that she can live up to their expectations.

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