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Whitney J. Bain III is an entrepreneur, hotelier, business coach, youth practitioner and life-long learner whose primary focus is that of learning and passing on that which he has learned to others. "I teach a few who eventually get it and then they teach others. My function could then be summed up as a 'catalyst for change'."

Insights for your Innerspring: Your organization needs more than a Vision and Mission Statement

In the last column we dealt with systems and discussed why they are so necessary to the successful development of an enterprise. In this column we will look at the skeletal structure of a healthy organization by discussing why your organization needs more than a vision and mission statement.

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Insights for your Innerspring: I don’t want to get stuck!

Recently I had a conversation with a young lady who had just graduated high school. We talked about life out of school and her plans for the future. Unemployed at the time, she shared with me her desire to pursue a career in the medical field. She also mentioned that her grades were not at the level to qualify her for a grant that was being offered. After we spoke a bit more about the medical career, she mentioned another career and soon after intimated that she really was not certain what she wanted to do.

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Insights for your Innerspring: “Build Confidence and Destroy Fear”

Is fear real? Dr. Schwartz seems to think so, and he feels that “we must recognize it exists before we can conquer it.” He continues to put forward his point that “most fear today is psychological. Worry, tension, embarrassment, panic all stem from mismanaged, negative imagination … fear is success’ enemy number one.” We can’t escape the results of fear that we see in our lives and all around us. Once we accept that this emotion does exist we can take steps to destroy fear and build confidence. If we are to make any inroads into conquering fear we must recognize that “all confidence is acquired or developed.” Over time, and with careful attention, we build the muscle of confidence. And just like the foremen in our thought factory, Mr. Triumph and Mr. Defeat; when we give our focus to building confidence we make him stronger while fear grows increasingly weaker.

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Insights for your Innerspring

Launch Yourself to Success with the Power of Belief What is your definition of success?  Is it having a great job, a fancy car, a beautiful house, the ability to take annual vacations, the acquisition of new things or giving your children the maximum advantage in life?  For many of …

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‘Insights for your Innerspring’ – Inaugural Column

‘Insights for your Innerspring’ is a leadership and personal development column generally directed towards young people, entrepreneurs and business professionals. While content will cater to these aforementioned groups, the specific focus will be on young people and seek to address the challenges faced by this fragile group. I wish to thank this local paper for allowing me the space to present this column. My name is Whitney Bain and I will be your ‘Insight for your Innerspring’ guide.

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