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Timothy Roberts

Timothy had his first venture into Journalism just months after graduating from Queen’s College in Nassau taking his first job with The Tribune in 1991 leaving in 1992 for other pursuits.

During his time in Nassau he diversified his experiences working as a warehouse manager, locksmith and computer technician before returning to Abaco, a place he has always considered home, in 1999.

He joined the staff of The Abaconian in 2001 doing graphic design and writing an opinion article called Generally Speaking and after a brief time away, returned to The Abaconian in 2010 as a reporter, graphic designer and computer technician.

Environment Minister Impressed by Science Fair Projects

Minister of the Environment Romauld Ferreira said he was happy to see, in light of the government’s policy to ban plastics by 2020, the theme of the Friends of the Environment Science Fair was “Investigating and Implementing ways to Eliminate Single-Use Plastics.” “Without the energies of the young people we …

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Agriculture Minister Meets with Farmers

Minister of Agriculture and Marine Resources, Michael Pintard, held a meeting on November 8 to address matters of concern to farmers in Abaco. He spoke of his concerns regarding The Bahamas excessive reliance on imported food to survive, particularly about the quality and our economic leakage – for every dollar …

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Hope Town District Council November Meeting

The Hope Town District Council met November 7 in Man-O-War to discuss matters relating to their district and deal with their regular statutory business. The meeting began with a moment of silence observed for fellow Local Government Practitioner Colon Curry (former member of Marsh Harbour Spring City Town Committee). Island …

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Minister of Agriculture and Marine Resources Holds Meeting in Abaco

Minister of Agriculture and Marine Resources, Michael Pintard held a meeting on November 8 to address matters of concern to fisherman in Abaco Mr. Pintard stressed the importance of the topic “as we are importing 80 percent of our food.” He noted that from the time he was in highschool …

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Guana Cay Cleanup Prompted by Local Government Council Member

Local Government Council Member for Great Guana Cay initiated a community cleanup that was well attended and deemed a success near the end of October. The cleanup, which was initiated by Cheynea Turquest-Levarity, took place on October 16 saw over sixty full garbage bags of trash collected within a two …

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Second-Home Rental Market, Property Management Companies and Government Grapple with Evolving Industry

According to people intimately involved in the industry, protection is needed to ensure the thriving second-home vocational rental sector can withstand growing pressures from global giants such as AirBnB and VRBO. Subsequent to a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) the Government is reviewing it is expected that they will begin to …

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Local Government Addresses Points of Major Concern

Four road signs were put on a portion of the Ernest Dean Highway going towards Spring City on October 27 after local government was made aware of two vehicles with broken tires due to bad road conditions. The Marsh Harbour / Spring City Town Committee put up four signs along …

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Abaco Remembers on Centennial of WWI

The British Legion Bahamas Branch held a pre-Remembrance Day Centennial Memorial Service at Ocean View Park on Sunday, October 28 to honor the lives of those who served and sacrificed in armed conflicts in years past. This year marks one hundred years since the end of World War One and …

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Poppies Sold to Commemorate Fallen Soldiers

Keith Bishop, Abaco representative for The British Legion-Bahamas Branch (BLBB), on October 5 presented Central South Abaco MP James Albury with the first Poppy for the year in preparation for the sale of the symbols of Remembrance Day on the eve of the one hundredth anniversary of the end of …

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BPL Chief Explains 26 Percent Fuel Surcharge Hike

Residents and businesses across Abaco and The Bahamas were faced with “ridiculously high” electricity bills as Bahamas Power and Light (BPL) compensates for mechanical losses at New Providence’s generation plant. Bahamians are paying the price of “a double whammy” caused by the recent fires at Bahamas Power & Light’s (BPL) …

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