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Timothy Roberts

Timothy had his first venture into Journalism just months after graduating from Queen’s College in Nassau taking his first job with The Tribune in 1991 leaving in 1992 for other pursuits.

During his time in Nassau he diversified his experiences working as a warehouse manager, locksmith and computer technician before returning to Abaco, a place he has always considered home, in 1999.

He joined the staff of The Abaconian in 2001 doing graphic design and writing an opinion article called Generally Speaking and after a brief time away, returned to The Abaconian in 2010 as a reporter, graphic designer and computer technician.

Power Outage Spoils Independence Celebrations; Residents on Edge

Instead of culminating a grand evening of celebrating the country’s independence with fireworks and Junkanoo, Bahamas Power and Light (BPL) stepped in to steal the show as the Junkanoo group marched around the, now dark, BAIC Park.

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Green Turtle Cay Suffering from Extended Power Outages

While residents of most of Abaco are certainly frustrated with recent power outages, residents and guests of Green Turtle Cay are exasperated as they are experiencing excessively longer outages.

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Hope Town District Councilors Sworn In

The Hope Town District Council held a formal swearing in ceremony on July 4, 2017 at the Hope Town Community Center where Jeremy Sweeting was returned as Chief Councillor, with newly elected John Pinder II serving as the new deputy.

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Central Abaco District Council and Related Committees Sworn In

The Central Abaco District Council, along with the related Town Committees from Dundas Town, Murphy Town and Marsh Harbour, were sworn in on July 3 at the Government Complex, and completed at a second meeting on July 5.

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Constant Power Blackouts and Poor Communication Frustrate Abaconians

She explained the issue occurring on June 19 resulted due to the completely computerized system the plant uses. Manual overrides are not built into the system to prevent further damage and in order to restart generation system diagnostics must be performed according to programming.

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Green Turtle Road Paving Resumes in June

He further noted that the scope of works for the Green Turtle Cay road project also included roads in the residential area known as Bethels Subdivision.

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2017 Local Gov’t Election Results

The Green Turtle District Council is made up of completely new faces to local government and they appear to be the first group to have met and set their Chief and Deputy Councillors in place with Giselle McIntosh being elected from her peers to be the Chief Councillor and Wayne Reckley serving as Deputy Chief Councillor along with Wade Cash, Micheal "Mickey" Sawyer and Neil Lowe.

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From the Coopers Town Ballfield to the MLB

Shameko said “I grew on the softball field in Cooper’s Town with coach Niqel; he got me into baseball.” He said he would later move to Freeport where he was able to play every week.

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Billiards League Celebrates Its First Season

The Abaco Billiards Association (ABA) closed their first official season with an awards ceremony, the team from Mount Hope earning the top trophies for the year.

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Power Outages Continue with No Clear Answers

After a “fault” resulted in an island wide power outage Abaconians were left in the dark for over 12 hours as they looked for answers and updates throughout the night.

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