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Kara Butler-Wight's dog, Princess Athena Alexis, won the American Bully Kennel Club (ABKC) Champion title on August 5.

Princess Athena Alexis Crowned as ABKC Bahamas Champion

Princess Athena Alexis is the new American Bully Kennel Club (ABKC) Champion for The Bahamas.

Owned by Kara Butler-Wight, Athena competed in the 4th Annual Bahamas Bully Show held on August 5 at Queen’s College. The event also included a fun show segment.

“Princess Athena Alexis Butler, owned by me, is one and a half years old and is considered a Pocket Bully,” Butler-Wight explained. “She won a number of the ABKC divisions, which included Best Physique Female, Best Female Bully, Overall, and Best in Show of every single category of dogs. This was our very first show ever, which was organized by Eagleye Damianos Kennels.”

Athena also won in the fun category of Crowd Favorite, and was the Pocket Class Winner.

According to the point system utilized at the ABKC show, the dogs had to be in the right class and have competition in the ring meaning two or more dogs to obtain points. Puppies between the ages of three to six months didn’t earn any points because it’s what is called a pre-novice. Points are accrued at six to nine months and up. 

The dogs don’t get into a variety class until they are about one. Each blue ribbon is considered 10 points and they are broken up into ages and gender. At the end, each of the winners faced off. The best of that class advanced and was given an additional blue ribbon, which determined the best of that class for 20 additional points. Best of winners received no rewarded points, and Best in Breed points earned were for the top 20 dogs, one point per show.

A total of 150 points was required for an ABKC Show Championship title.

Organizers of the show publicly thanked everyone that made the show a success.

“Thanks everyone that came and took part, spectated, talked about it… Congratulations to all of the winners – [they were] some beautiful bullies. Congrats to our overall winners, Best Male, Sirdan Woodside, and the new ABKC Champion, Princess Athena Alexis Butler-Wight, and her owner Kara Butler-Wight.”

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