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Police Summer Camps Conclude in August

Leading up to the close of the Abaco Police Summer Camps, the campers practiced reciting the prayer, charge and Bahamas Constitutional Preamble in time for the closing ceremony held on Aug. 2.

There were a number of daily activities enjoyed by the campers as well. On July 24, Perez Curry and Ranger Treneil Robinson introduced the senior campers to discipline camp-style.

Members from BTC also stopped by the Central Abaco camp at Patrick J. Bethel High School to address the children on telephone etiquette and the proper use of the telephone.

With a number of volunteers and others assisting throughout the duration of the police camps, Sgt. Huqlin Mullings commended Antonae Rolle, Cerizia Thelus and Tinincia Adderley particularly for helping out in the kitchen as they fed the campers each day.

The campers were also engaged in an island-wide “Clean-Up Campaign” in keeping Abaco clean green and pristine, which taught them about cleanliness, order, and respect for the environment.

Meanwhile, Gary McDonald, a representative of the Abaco Port Department, stopped by on July 29 to speak to the campers on the purpose of the Port Department and the daily procedures they follow.

Finally, the closing ceremony for the Police Summer Camps was held on Aug. 2 at Friendship Tabernacle.

Many of the parents and guardians thanked the “A-Team of officers and volunteers” for caring for their children during the camps. Others also praised the officers for instilling discipline in the campers while building their self-esteem and coming together as the proverbial village to raise their children.

In response to their kind, encouraging words, Sgt. Mullings reminded all parents that their efforts were appreciated as he looks forward to their continued support as they collectively make the children of Abaco the best The Bahamas has to offer.

“Yes, we will succeed,” he declared.

Joining in the accolades, ASP Annmarie Neely extended a sincere thank you to the parents and guardians for allowing their children to attend the 5th Annual Police Summer Camps for six weeks on behalf of Commissioner of Police Anthony Ferguson; the Assistant Commissioner of Police and Officer in Charge of Grand Bahama & the Northern Bahamas including Abaco and Bimini, Samuel Butler; and Chief Superintendent of Police, Kevin Mortimer, officer in charge of the Abaco Division.

“We are sure that the campers learned a lot from the presenters. We saw many of them submit to discipline, and many became brave and showed their leadership skills. We were able to see their many gifts and talents.

“Your child or children are Campers Extraordinaire, [and they] have a bright future, so please encourage them on a daily basis,” ASP Neely stated. “To God be the glory, great things He has done and is still doing. None of the campers were hurt or injured due to His divine protection and guidance.”

She concluded with thanking all of the camp facilitators, including Urban Renewal, parents and guardians, and the bus transportation provided from the Northern Camp, with assisting them with the opening and closing ceremonies, as well as field trips.

Other highlights were the tours that led them to Friends of Environment and the skating rink, their Movie Day, the famous cooking by Sgt. Mullings, Cpl. Russell, and Urban Renewal, and the assistance of the summer employment students, and the civilian volunteers, who will forever be most memorable, she said. 

“We pray God’s blessings upon your child or children for their safety and protection, and may they receive all that they desire for the opening of the new school year,” ASP Neely concluded.

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