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Sweat it Out: Small Changes Yield Big Results

By Kristen Pearce

When it comes to losing weight, it doesn’t always require drastic measures and a restrictive diet. Of course, diets can often times be rewarding, but in most cases they do not pan out in the long term. And if you are like me, after two days of a restrictive diet, you probably will find yourself tired, cranky, hungry, and ready to eat everything in sight.

Sometimes just being a little more mindful and making small changes is all that is needed to see a change in your body. Lately I have been just cutting down in small ways here and there and I have seen (and felt) a big difference.

Let’s go over just a few ways in which you can make small changes that can add up to big results.

Don’t drink your calories. Stay away from the sodas, juices, and beverages, and do your best to stick to water only. (Yes even steer clear of the diet sodas because while they are not filled with calories, they are filled with ingredients that will bloat you.)

Cook and eat at home most of the time. Not only will this allow you to spend less money, you will also eat fewer calories most of the time. When you cook at home you have full control over what you are eating, and you can monitor your portions better.

Eat smaller portions. You can do this by using a smaller plate, or you can just scoop out less food into your plate. Eat only have of a steak or baked potato. Have only one scoop of rice or pasta. You will be surprised at how much less food you need to be filled.

Eat more veggies and fruits. Vegetables can be very filling, while also being low in calories. If you can fill up your plate and meals with more veggies you can feel fuller while still cutting down. And don’t forget your fruits, which are healthy snacks and can fill the void if you are feeling peckish during the day.

Only eat half if you are eating out. Ask for a to go box right away, and dish out half of your meal before you start that way you will know when to stop. And you also have another meal to eat the next day.

Don’t keep junk food in the house. This is a big one that will help in the long run. If it is in the cupboard, you are most likely going to eat it. But if you don’t keep the junk in the house, whenever a craving arrives the junk food will not be readily accessible, which makes the odds of you giving in to that craving less. If you need snacks buy healthier options to keep at home or at work.

Just cut back. Try cooking with less sauce (especially cream-based sauces). Eat a few less carbs every day. Skip the sugar in your coffee or tea. Say no to extra cheese. Don’t go back for seconds.

All of these little choices can add up to big differences.

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