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Abaco singer, Nevandria Rolle, recently released a single called “Your Light” in memory of her aunt.

NevandriaLyriic Releases Single in Memory of Her Late Aunt

By Canishka Alexander

The silky smooth voice of Abaco songbird, Nevandria Rolle has hit the airwaves once again this summer in an unforgettable performance on the Homegrown podcast with G Cole.

Nevandria recently released her new single, “Your Light,” in honor of her Aunt Rebecca Davis, who passed away from cancer in August 2018. According to Nevandria, her aunt was her “biggest supporter.”

To hear the song, Nevandria certainly pours her feelings and emotions, unrestrained, into this latest project. “Your Light” is a reggae song with slight soul and jazz vibes, which she has dubbed “Reggae Soul.”

Written by NevandriaLyriic, she makes special mention of Abaco artist and producer: Nugrade. The song was produced by Jason A. Farmer aka JVibe (Grammy-nominated – Estelle, Keisha Cole, Morgan Heritage, etc.) and Kyle Stuart of Cyclone Music Group.

“This song was written to help my family and I get through the loss of my closest aunt, Rebecca Davis, to cancer. That particular time, I was in a really dark place and the only source of comfort was listening to her voice notes, watching old videos of her in my phone, and writing about things I was still grateful for despite this being the biggest heartbreak of my life.

“She was my biggest fan and always spoke life into my music career; she understood my dreams more than anyone else. I was inspired by the way she lived her life; always encouraging, always had good advice for any situation, was a giver, lover of life and jokes.

“She always knew how to make people smile and would turn the worst situation around for the better. I included in the song a voice clip of her saying, ‘You have to have peace within yourself on the journey because God heals.’ At that time she was about to have her last operation,” Nevandria reflected.

Kyle Stuart sent her the instrumental for her single the morning after her aunt passed away. Although Ne’Vandria was completely distraught, she made the decision that day, to do the song in her aunt’s memory.

“I wasn’t sure exactly how, but I knew I had to because we’ve been praying and planning for the moment I get to put my music out into the world. I couldn’t give up, she wouldn’t have wanted me to. So with the help of my friends in the music industry here in Nassau, and Nugrade, an Abaco artist/songwriter and producer, ‘Your Light,’ was written and released.”

In her aunt’s honor, Nevandria used quotes that held the most meaning for her, so the entire song ensures her spirit and words live on every time it’s played or heard.

“My intention for this song is to heal, inspire, encourage and remind anyone dealing with tough times, especially chronic illnesses, that they bring something special to the world and the people around them – that everyone has a light and a purpose for that light,” she shared.

A magnetic, captivating singer onstage, Nevandria performs regularly with the All For One Band in New Providence led by Kendro Taylor, and also extends her talent to the fashion world as a commercial model.                  

She has been singing and performing professionally for six years as a member of Jukebox Live led by Ivan Prosper, who is a former Destiny’s Child drummer. Nevandria has also performed with Ira Storr and the Spank Band, and Jam Session Band led by Shon Pennerman.

Nevandria has plans to release one more song for Summer 2019 called “Listen to Learn”. Written by NevandriaLyriic and Zoltan Johnson, the song is produced by Zoltan for the Ease Up Bahamas Campaign by Fam Entertainment (Mark Cartwright). Other affiliated artists include Mdeez, Najie Dun, Lyrically Blessed, Judah the Lion, DJ Chronic, Twindem, and Monty G.

The song can currently be found on YouTube, Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon Music, and iTunes.

“I am hoping to have more interviews about the song, and also to partner with the Abaco branch of the Cancer Society,” she said.

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