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Hope Town District Council Meets in Man-O-War

By Dave Ralph

Owing to the Hope Town council’s office condemned due to mold and prior commitments for other available space, councillors met June 3 , 2019, in the Man-O-War office in the empty Batelco building.

Most of the meeting was devoted to using the 12 percent withheld from their budget at the beginning of the fiscal year, July 1, 2018, then being given it on June 3, 2019, $55,200, for local projects. The dilemma is due to identifying suitable projects in the three towns, getting and awarding bids then ensuring that work begins as the money must be committed prior to June 30 or be returned to Nassau.

Guana has chosen to replace the dilapidated end of their public dock. about 50 feet. Man-O-War will up-grade the recreational area known as the Low Place.

Hope Town wants the Kemp Road repaired and a cement slab constructed at Sunshine Park for landing incoming freight. Two speed bumps are wanted on the rode behind the school and storm drains are to be repaired on the road at Sea Spray. The public restrooms are to get an extensive make-over.

A homeowner on the dune at Neigh Creek was denied permission to add parking by encroaching on the creek’s mangroves.

Elbow Cay Club developers submitted a rough sketch on their marina location where it has been shifted mostly into Fry’s Mangrove. It was submitted to reflect their current thinking on the marina. A formal application will be submitted later.

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