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Cooper’s Town Resident Takes Initiative

By Lauralee McIntosh

“A little to give back to the community.” These are the words that Onassis McIntosh posted on his web page on 29th July. The “little” referred to the circular convex mirror that he purchased. The aim of the object was to help the ease of traffic as to deter collisions. The number of persons that had had near collisions including the writer of this article – was amazing.

“I complained about it for a number of years to different leaders and authorities, but nothing was done, so I figured, since it was a bother to me, I needed to do something about it”. It is so that sometimes with limited funds and so many areas to target, local authorities are unable to do as much.

Immediately after purchase, Mr. McIntosh erected the same and it now eases traffic. Cars no longer have to blare their horns to disturb the residents, swerve from on-coming cars, nor run over the seawall. The specific location is a T-Junction on Bay Street in the vicinity of the former Church of God.

He was congratulated by Ms. Eulean Wright, the town’s chairperson as doing a good job. Many others were inspired by the act of leadership. Johnleer Edgecombe, fellow resident and Agriculture official stated that, “Too many times we depend on the government to do small things in our community.” Another young educational official, Anthoneka Nixon opined, “This is what I like…..too many times we complain, waiting on the government to do this or that….we have to realize that these are our communities. We must take action also! I applaud Onassis McIntosh for doing this, job well done!” These were just a few of the many commendations given.

It is believed that this little seed of selflessness will inspire many others to rise to the occasion. There are so many things that can be done – community cleanups, roadside bench repairs, sign restoration, helping the elderly, neighbourhood watch and so many more. According to Onassis, “there is much more to come”, meaning, his vision of a better Cooper’s Town does not have to happen with a title. He has his eyes on other opportunities where he can make a difference.

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