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Committee Seeks Donations for Long Dock Repair

By Lee Pinder

Before the road was pushed through to Cherokee in 1986, its Long Dock was a lifeline to the outside world, being used for mail, passengers and freight on the weekly visits of the Mail Boat coming to and from Nassau to Abaco. 

Even though the Mail Boat no longer stops in Cherokee, now, the dock is frequented more for recreational use. It is one of Cherokee’s main attractions for tourists and believed to be the longest wooden dock in The Bahamas at 780 feet in length, and is surrounded by visitors every day (rain or shine) enjoying our water and beachside area.

The dock is used by pleasure boaters, swimmers, beachcombers and tourists; all free of charge.  We have been told that Government gave monies for the maintenance and up-keep of the Dock, but this was years ago. And, in fact, it was completely blocked off as being too dangerous before 1985 and since then the Dock has been repaired six times, solely by the residents and friends of Cherokee.

However, Cherokee’s famous Long Dock is constantly being used for picnics, birthday and anniversary parties, even weddings and is once again in need of major repairs. A committee has been formed by Patrick Bethel along with a few local residents and the plan is to strengthen it and make the dock even stronger and more secure in hopes of weathering any future storm surges.

Materials and labour is a big expense these days and our small Local Government has other priorities and does not have the funds to handle the maintenance of the Long Dock.

Therefore, the committee is asking if you have Cherokee roots, or, have yourself taken advantage of the cabana and beauty surrounding the Long Dock, they are appealing to you for financial assistance, no matter how small.

You can send a cheque made out to “Long Dock Fund” in care of Patrick Bethel,  P.O. Box AB20521, Marsh Harbour, or to Danny Pinder, Cherokee Sound, Abaco, and we thank you for your support.

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