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Little Abaco Township Beautifies Communities with Big Clean Up

The Little Abaco Township Committee extended an invitation to the communities of Little Abaco to participate in ‘The Big Clean Up’ on March 23.

Residents of Cedar Harbor, Wood Cay, Mount Hope, Fox Town, and Crown Haven answered the call to beautify their communities.

According to Michelle McIntosh, chairman, 80 plus 60-gallon trash bags were collected. The trash collected was mostly cans, bottles and paper plates. In some instances, there were television sets, dry gas drums, and bicycle frames found.

McIntosh said that this was the first clean-up to take place in recent times, and they are hoping that it will not be the last.

“A continuous effort is being made to educate and to inform residents about the consequences of littering including environmental and legal consequences,” she explained.

Like with most local government agencies, however, funding is one of the major issues at the moment for the committee regarding projects they would like to undertake.

“There are some major projects and ideas we would like to execute. For instance, the parks in the area are not in an optimal state.

“The Fox Town basketball court, in particular, needs to be resurfaced. Additionally, we want to create a public beach park at Irish Bay for the residents to enjoy, a smaller version of the one at the Treasure Cay public beach,” McIntosh outlined.

Although there are no specific activities planned for the coming months, the committee’s long-term goals are to continue maintaining and building up the communities in the Township area.

The Little Abaco Township Committee consists of representatives from each community or settlement in the area. Cedar Harbor and Wood Cay are represented by Michelle McIntosh as chairman; Crown Haven by Deannie Janet Burrows, deputy chairman; Fox Town by Joycelyn McIntosh, Leslie McIntosh and Nadia Lewis; and Mount Hope by Norwood McDermott II.

There were no official sponsors for The Big Clean Up, but there were many whom McIntosh wish to express gratitude to on behalf of the committee.

“Firstly, we would like to thank all the persons who participated and who assisted in any way especially, Ms. Neeley from the Department of Environmental Health, Bishop Tyrone Mills, Eleanor Pedican, Levar Emile, David Lewis, Zermah Russell, Renae Russell, Orlando McIntosh, Aprilla Johnson, Rick Swanberg, Carlton Thomas, Malarie McIntosh, Sidney Thomas, and the youth of Ebenezer Baptist Church. Gratitude is also extended to the churches that donated water: Zion Baptist Fox Town, End Time Harvest, St. Thomas Baptist Church and Ebenezer Baptist Church,” she concluded.

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