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Earlier this year it was revealed that Bahamas Ferries had won the contract to shuttle the hundreds of Baker’s Bay employees between the mainland to Guana Cay. This caused issue with many townsfolk who saw that, with the new contract, Bahamas Ferries would build a parking lot in the middle of the Marsh Harbour tourist district and use the public Union Jack dock (above, center with bulkhead) – causing heavy traffic congestion in town. PM Minnis announced that “under no circumstances will he approve the use of the Govt Dock” seemingly as a response to the outcry. Previously, the employees left from a terminal that was several miles out of town. Photo: Marinas.com.

Prime Minister to Deny Use of Public Dock Over Ferry Furor

In response to public outcry, Local Government Objections and videos circulated on social media, the Prime Minister has informed local authorities that the Union Jack public dock in Marsh Harbour will not be allowed to be used for the proposed Bahamas Ferries service to Baker’s Bay.

A source shared that Prime Minister Dr. Hubert Minnis informed Baker’s Bay and Bahamas Ferries “that under no circumstances will he approve the use of the Govt Dock.”

It was further said that he instructed the Cabinet Secretary to inform the Port Controller of same.  It was said that he indicated that money is not everything and that he will not support displacing a thriving local business offered by Albury’s Ferry Service, that serves its community well and has done so for decades, in favour of big business.

He also said that he would address the matter in the House of Assembly on Wednesday (January 30).

The decision came on the heels of numerous complaints related to traffic congestion and the use of the public dock by the proposed 300 passenger ferry that would be used to transport workers and guests to Baker’s Bay.

The recently engaged Bahamas Ferries, which was expected to begin services on February 1, also began work on clearing and building a formal parking lot adjacent to the Union Jack Dock which still needs to go through formal local government approval processes.

Marsh Harbour Town Committee Chairman Roscoe Thompson confirmed that they held a meeting with Bahamas Ferries and that process of permits for any construction related to Bahamas Ferries will proceed via the normal channels which includes public posting of any works.

Bahamas Ferries representatives reserved commenting on the situation until a later date.

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