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Treasure Cay’s Golf Cart Parade and Tree Lighting

By Nicole Fair

If you are ever feeling a case of the holiday blues, trot on down to Treasure Cay the first week of December to treat yourself to a good dose of holiday spirit.

One of the mavens of Treasure Cay shrugged her shoulders and said, “Well, it’s not Nassau,” in a self-deprecating tone.  If I hadn’t had an acute case of laryngitis I would have rejoined, “No, it’s not; it’s better!”

Truthfully, I do not know of another place in the world where such holiday fun can be had safely and on a human scale.  I would love to hear from readers if such a place exists outside of The Abacos.  Participating in the golf cart parade, surrounded by lights and music and well-wishers, my big kids hopping on and off when the mood struck them to follow the amazing (and I mean amazingly talented) Junkanooers, we were cocooned in the true spirit of Christmas.

Those young Junkanoo drummers were certainly the highlight!  The fusion of our African and European heritages was sealed at the end when we were treated to the lighting of the Christmas tree and some sonorously sung carols.  Our first golf cart parade in Treasure Cay is a night that will be remembered forever in my family!

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