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Sweat it Out: Your Health Matters to God

In 2014 the Bahamas was ranked 6th in the world for obesity. And just to give an idea of the reality of the problem: the U.S. is known all over the world for its obesity problem, and the U.S. ranked at number 9 (below the Bahamas). It has been estimated that 70% of Bahamians are overweight. The Bahamas actually has the highest overweight rate in all of the Caribbean and Latin America. Obesity is now being referred to as an epidemic in our country.

It’s really no wonder when you look at our average diet. And truth be told, it’s no surprise when you consider that the Bahamas still identifies itself as a “Christian Nation.”

Obesity amongst Christians is also rising at a very fast rate all over the world. Why this is the case I am not entirely sure. And we could debate for hours about the reasons why, but the truth is, the reasons don’t matter. What matters most is that we should begin to take our health more seriously because our health does matter to God!


  1. Your Body is a Temple

We are told that good health goes well with our souls. We are also told that the body is the temple of the Holy Spirit (for those who are Christ-followers).

Why do you think that it is worded as a temple and not a house or a dwelling place?

Temples are holy. Temples are treated with respect. Temples are cared after. We don’t care as much if our houses are messy. Houses are a place of comfort, a place where we live. And in turn, they appear as if they are lived in. They are messy, they are dirty, and we don’t take care of them the way we do a church or a temple. To let a temple become run down is a disgrace.

If our bodies are temples, why do we not take better care of them? Why do we not eat cleaner, exercise more, do everything we have to in order to be as healthy as possible?


  1. You Should Want to be Healthy

Approaching this topic with the fact that we are still referred to as a Christian nation, I’m going to assume for the most part that we want to live for Christ and desire to do God’s will.

And if it is our desire to do whatever He calls us to do, for however long He calls us to do it, then we should make sure we are healthy enough. We should want to be in as good of physical shape as we can, so that we are ready for whatever God may ask us to do.

Not everyone will be called to do extreme things, but the truth is, we don’t know what we are going to be called to do. And we should be available, willing, and healthy enough that we don’t give God a ‘no’ as an answer because we have neglected our health.


  1. You were Created to Move

We have joints, muscles, tendons. We are able to move on different planes. We can move forward, backward, side to side. Almost everyone is born with the ability to walk, run, jump, skip. It is clear that God created our bodies for movement, and not to be stagnant.

And so the question is, if we were created to move, why do we spend so much of our time still? Why are we not training our bodies to be able to move more and to move better?

Far too many of us get winded just from walking to the car. This is not the way our bodies were designed. We should be walking, stretching, strengthening our muscles, and staying active as long as possible.

The truth is we are not going to cure our nation’s epidemic overnight. But if we each made a vow to live life a little healthier, it is possible that it would eventually spread throughout our nation, one person at a time.


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