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Hope Town District Council November Meeting

The Hope Town District Council met November 7 in Man-O-War to discuss matters relating to their district and deal with their regular statutory business.

The meeting began with a moment of silence observed for fellow Local Government Practitioner Colon Curry (former member of Marsh Harbour Spring City Town Committee).

Island Administrator Maxine Duncombe introduced Montez Williams, recently appointed Deputy Parliamentary Secretary who will assist in overseeing Crown Land and Investments in the local Office of the Prime Minister.

Chief Councillor Jeremy Sweeting is working on continuing to collect relevant data to present to the Prime Minister Dr. Hubert Minnis who they hope to have a meeting with later in the month of November.

He wants to compile charts that show the amount of taxes provided to the nations consolidated fund from the Hope Town District alone, as the Council continues to struggle to maintain their mandate on minimal funds.

“We shouldn’t have to struggle to meet needs,” he said.

He said they are still waiting on a response since early this year on what the Council will retain from the Real Property Taxes (RPT) they collected for government. The Council was adamant in a previous meeting with the Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Finance K. Peter Turnquest that if government only returned the minimum (a rate of one percent) that it is not in the Council’s interests to put the effort required to collect derelict or late RPT.

Richard King, owner of Sea Spray Resort in Hope Town, is seeking the Council’s support in placing a building at Sea Spray to house Customs and Immigration, pending Government’s agreement to place officers there. The Council was fully in favour of supporting Mr. King’s request.

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