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Left to right: Mrs. Dominique McCartney-Russell, Superintendent District of Education, Mr. Yin Haigang, Attache Chinese Embassy, Mr. Ricardo Ferguson, Principal PJB, Mr. Fan Jinke , 1st Secretary, Chinese Embassy, Mr. Huel Moss District of Education, Mr. Sweavon Smith, Agriculture teacher PJB

Chinese Delegation Donates to High School

Mr. Tod Wang, project manager of China Harbour Engineering Company, who resides in Freeport, and two attachés from the Chinese Embassy in Nassau, Mr. Fan Jinke, first secretary, and Mr. Yin Haigang, counsellor & DCM, visited Abaco on Nov. 27.

Their purpose was to visit Patrick J. Bethel High School to donate several laptop computers and to drive to Cooper’s Town to inspect the state-of-the-art North Abaco Port project constructed by China Harbour.

In attendance at the school were representatives of the Department of Education, such as District Superintendent Dominique McCartney-Russell and Senior Education Officer Felamease Sawyer along with Wynsome Ferguson, manager of the Abaco Tourist Office.

Principal Ricardo Ferguson said that five of the computers would be used in the computer lab and the other two at other locations depending on the need.

After presenting the computers, the delegation visited the agriculture area and were accompanied by Agriculture teacher, Mr. Sweavon Smith.

District Superintendent McCartney-Russell expressed her gratitude for the donation saying that “it was exciting to partner with the Embassy of China.” One of the delegates said that it was his first time on the island, and that the Chinese Ambassador had mentioned that the Family Islands needed help.

“We care not only about economics, but also about education,” said one of the visitors.

Light refreshments were then offered before the Chinese visitors departed for Treasure Cay where they were staying overnight.

Early afternoon, media representatives followed the delegation driving from Treasure Cay to the North Abaco Port.

A long driveway lined with street lights led to a large parking area abutting a four-meter deep boat basin, according to Mr. Wang.  The area is divided between domestic and international entries. Warehouses and reception buildings complete the project.

The members of the delegation were somewhat disappointed that the facility had not yet been put to use, mentioning that they had handed out the keys to the Bahamas government in July 2017.

Mr. Haigang said that since it was his first time visiting Abaco, he wanted to take the time to look at the port and find out about the economic sectors of Abaco. He added that the delegation had wanted to visit the high school to promote co-operation for the future of both countries.

Scholarships are offered to students of New Providence, and Mr. Haigang said that Abaco high schools students could also apply.

“Education is very important for future growth,” he stressed.



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