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Abaco Neem Reaches 25-year Milestone

October 4, 2018 marked the 25th anniversary of Abaco Neem.

It was the day that Nick Miaoulis, owner, planted the first Neem tree on his farm after being introduced to Neem at a botanical show in Gainesville, Florida.

Fortunately, Nick grew up in a family business and had successfully run several businesses of his own including the Seventeen Shop, so he knew that much hard work would be required for his next business venture.

With Abaco Neem, his main goal has always been to contribute to the healthcare of The Bahamas and to positively impact our local community.

“Abaco Neem is the only certified organic farm and production center in the country,” Nick emphasized.

Abaco Neem produces 23 health, beauty, pet and agricultural products, which are made by hand using freshly picked raw commodity and have multiple uses. Customers can tour the business’ production center to observe products, and they can go on the eco-friendly farm tours that are provided.

Along with Abaco Neem Operations Manager Daphne de Gregory-Miaoulis, who is his wife, Barbara Foreman, production manager, and Customer Service Manager Janice Williams makes up the remaining employees.

Customer service also tops their list of priorities.

“It is inscribed over the front door of our building. Genuine customer service in any business is an essential key to its success,” Nick expressed.

Despite challenges faced along the way, Abaco Neem’s focus for 2019 will shift from being a product-based business with more emphasis on wellness and lifestyle experiences.

Abaco Neem is located on Don Mackay Boulevard near the airport roundabout next to Abaco Groceries. Business hours are Monday through Saturday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. The telephone number is (242) 367-4117, and the toll-free Bahamas number is (242) 225-1745.

Customers can visit www.abaconeem.com, the AbacoNeemLtd Facebook page, or on Instagram at: AbacoNeem for more information.

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