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Left to right: Deacon Anthony King, Joycelyn McIntosh (honouree), Michael Curry, his wife Antoinette Curry, Pastor Daniel Curry, along with his wife Minister Yolanda Curry. McIntosh was honoured for her service to her community on Oct. 21. Photo: Charmair Laroda

Woman Honoured for Exemplary Service to Little Abaco Communities

The communities of Little Abaco came together to celebrate one of their own at a service held at Zion Baptist Church in Fox Town on Oct. 21.

Joycelyn McIntosh learned just how much she is respected and appreciated after receiving a plaque and monetary gifts for her dedicated, unwavering service to her community.

“Give honour when honour is due. Don’t wait until a person is dead to give someone their roses. Zion Baptist Fox Town ensured Joycelyn McIntosh knew she was appreciated while she is living,” Charmair Laroda wrote on her Facebook timeline. “This woman has sacrificed so much for so many. She got a portion of what was due to her today. Exemplary service and sacrifices she made in the North Abaco Community. We love you, Joyce.”

According to Minister Yolanda Curry, Michael Curry was the one to suggest that the communities of Little Abaco honour McIntosh.

“It was for going above and beyond duty to help persons while she worked for Batelco/BTC. She has also helped in the community,” Minister Curry expressed. “She also serves on the local government board. She is a selfless individual, willing to help others, looking for nothing in return.”

As he presented the plaque to her, Curry said: “On behalf of the people of North Abaco, we would like to present this plaque to Joycelyn McIntosh for doing an excellent job in BTC. We’d just like to say thank you for all that you’ve done.”

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