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Letters to the Editor: Airport Shame

Dear Editor,

I wanted to comment on a few observations regarding the Marsh Harbour Airport. This Airport cost the taxpayers almost $40 million dollars. Yes, a lot more than it should have but one would think with that much money invested we would want to take care of this property. One would think with Tourism being our #1 industry that keeping this building clean and maintained would be a #1 priority.

Unfortunately, our Airport is filthy. The bathrooms have no toilet paper or paper towels. The carpets need to be cleaned. The exterior needs to be painted.

How difficult is it to keep this relatively small property in excellent condition? Who is in charge? Where is our Government? There seems to be no shortage of Government when it comes to tax collections but when it comes to actually doing work that benefits the community they are nowhere to be seen.

This our visitors first and last impression of the Bahamas. Right now we are not even close to getting the job done.

-Andrew Curry

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