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From the Editor’s Desk: Pay Attention

Central Government needs to start paying attention to Abaco. Attention beyond how much we can give to the National Treasury. We have issues and problems here that need to be fixed.

The underfunded local government cannot handle our problems. And if our Members of Parliament, civic organizations and businesses that wish to improve our island remain unheard by Nassau then the stagnation of The Bahamas’ golden goose will hurt everybody.

I support the government’s plan to pay down our country’s debt. And I know it will take sacrifices. Bitter sacrifices that hopefully will right the wrongs of pass mis-managements of our nation.

But increased taxes, and brand-new taxes, are a bitter pill. We need to be given something sweet to swallow it down with. Abaco does its fair share for the Treasury. We can be and should be thrown a bone every once in a while. Even if those bones are simple improvements to basic services and infrastructure.

If the government can afford to buy out privately owned hotels in Grand Bahama it can afford to fix dangerous stretches of roads in, what is now, the island that is the second biggest airlifted tourism destination behind Nassau.

I urge the government to listen to us and understand Abaco needs more than lip service. If you tax us, fine, but at least let Abaconians see a similar commitment from government in regards to our needs.

We do not expect everything to be perfect, no where and no government is, but it needs to look like you are trying.

If you want to milk a cash cow at least give us a pasture so we can grow.

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