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A group of Abaco persons involved with non-governmental organizations attended a presentation of the Civil Society Bahamas to learn more about its program. Two presenters, Mark Palmer, left, and Anthony Hamilton, right, explained the program and its goals at the presentation held at da Blue Hole on September 13.

Civil Society Bahamas Addresses Abaco’s Organizations

Representatives of Civil Society Bahamas introduced the organization to Abaco at a seminar held at Da Blue Hole in Marsh Harbour on October 13. Representatives from a number of Abaco’s non-profit organizations attended to hear how working with the Civil Society Bahamas (CSB) can benefit the organizations working to benefit Abaco. Mark Palmer, secretary of CSB, and Anthony Hamilton, Vice President of CSB, were the presenters.

The Civil Society Bahamas is active in Nassau and is now reaching out to the Family Islands to include all non-profit organizations in the country. Its goal is to represent all Bahamian non-profit groups in making the country a better place for everyone. One of its goals is to represent these groups with government to assist in getting beneficial legislation.

Non-profit organizations do much for the country that is not necessarily acknowledged. On Abaco they help protect our environment, assist various segments of our population such as cancer victims, work with disadvantaged children, work to preserve our heritage, provide emergency services, protect specific animal species, clean our environment, promote sports, organize special events and encourage farming. The list is long. Most of these organizations depend on volunteers to keep them functioning. Many of these organizations directly benefit the government as government would have to take on many additional duties if these organizations were not active.

The CSB represents all these various organizations and gives them a voice with government.

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