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he first hour of the evening was aimed at allowing people to socialize with each other, while the latter part of the evening was dedicated to several presentations.

Murphy Town Community Center Hosts First Social Event

The first Mix and Mingle to take place at the Murphy Town Community Center was held during the evening of September 20 and was attended by approximately 85 people. As they entered, guests were welcomed by members of the Murphy Town Community Association (MTCA), Misty Dawkins-Davis and Roselyn Saunders, who handed out tickets for door prizes.

Several round tables had been set up in the large room as well as a dignitaries’ table. Matthew Taylor, vice president of the MTCA, also served as emcee for the evening and greeted people as they arrived. He explained that the goal of the event was for Murphy Town residents to stay in touch with each other and to share information.

The first hour of the evening was aimed at allowing people to socialize with each other, while the latter part of the evening was dedicated to several presentations from members of the MTCA and from the Local Government Committee. A recurring statement from each speaker was “get involved; participate in the town’s affairs.”

Mr. Taylor said that the members of Local Government and of the Murphy Town Association were now working together to make the town a better place for all.

The Murphy Town Committee Chairman, Mr. Gilbert Davis, acknowledged some people in the assembly among them, including Senior Deputy Island Administrator Maxine Duncombe, who had been a regular attendee of Murphy Town’s meetings as well as residents of Bahama Coral Island and Great Cistern.

He mentioned the committee’s plans for a “mass cleaning-up” campaign starting in October that will be done in stages throughout the township and include Bahama Coral Island and Great Cistern.

Elaine Pilon was invited to speak about the ballet classes she started teaching at the Community Center.

Her short presentation was followed by an address from the MTCA President, Mr. Cubel Davis, who deplored that not enough residents had shown up for the function.

He, too, reiterated the fact that the community had to get together for the betterment of the town, mentioning that for the first time ever, the Murphy Town Association and Local Government representatives were working together. He asked for suggestions to let the boards know how to improve on what they were doing.

Administrator Duncombe praised the community for getting together and stressed the importance of teaching young people the history of Murphy Town. She asked people to look for old photos that could be exhibited creating an added attraction for people visiting the town. She ended by promising to sign the checks as long as the paper work was submitted with due diligence.

The guest speaker was Pastor Livingston Williams, who lives in Dundas Town but has been preaching in Murphy Town for a long time.

He also preached for unity, which he said supports the balance of a system, emphasizing that division destroys and weakens. Selfishness, lack of enthusiasm and in-fighting are destructive; for communities to prosper there must be involvement, he added, before giving a brief synopsis of the character of Murphy Town’s forefathers – the people of Bluff Point whose history should be kept alive.

The event ended with food that had been prepared by the catering company of Vandea Stuart being served, followed by a closing prayer and a drawing for the door prizes.

The agenda of events being held at the Community Center for the rest of the year is as follows:

Murphy Town Day will be celebrated on October 6;  and Halloween festivities will take place on October 27 with prizes and candy for the children.

The Christmas Tree Lighting Ceremony will be held on December 13.

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