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Up-and-coming Producer Releases First Music Album

Jameko McKenzie is the mastermind behind the Sity Lyfe music artist name.

A breakdown of the acronym that forms the name gives better insight into McKenzie’s life experience, which he expresses through music.

“SITY: System Ignore The Youths, and LYFE: Live Your Full Entitlement,” he revealed.

Born in New Providence, McKenzie moved back and forth between Abaco and Andros for his primary and high school education.

After graduating from Central Andros High School, he enrolled at the College of The Bahamas (COB) to study hospitality management and business management.

Unfortunately, McKenzie was unable to complete his studies.

However, his musical aspirations began to take root. For the past 10-15 years, he has been writing and producing music. McKenzie also freestyles, and he dances.

“I’m a producer. I write songs, make beats, deejay – basically everything music related,” he shared.

McKenzie’s main profession is at Baker’s Bay Golf & Ocean Club as a vector control operator.

While he considers producing music as fun, McKenzie said he often addresses real-life situations.

“This is the first album I’m releasing; it’s my first project.”

For those who have listened to what he has produced, McKenzie’s music is generally classified as “conscious rap.”

“I call it sensible rap or real rap; it’s not the cliché type,” he explained. “My music is about situations we face in life daily, things that we are trying to do and trying to elevate especially people who work the 9-5, trying to open a business, or trying to get out of your situation.

“It’s feel-good music.”

McKenzie also has a collection of songs that are not featured on the album. Since he came back from college in 2008, he has been strictly into producing, so over the last 10 years, he has recorded quite a bit of songs and decided to put an album together based on the songs he had recorded.

“I had the album finished two years ago, but I just wasn’t sure when to put it out,” he expressed. “I’m trying to reach everybody with this album, so I tuned down the type of music I make. My dream is for my mother and kids to listen to my music without switching it or questioning me about it.”

Listeners will discover that the album contains “nice, clean music that everyone can relate to.” The bonus is that every song that McKenzie has produced has an encouraging message based on his experiences related to the good and bad that life had to offer.

“Music is my reliever,” he states, matter-of-factly.

So far, none of his songs has aired on any of the local radio stations, but his peers and those he works with have had the opportunity to hear his music. He has been sending music clips via Whatsapp to them to get their feedback in the meantime.

Besides Whatsapp, McKenzie can also send his songs by e-mail upon request, and those interested in showing support can visit Sity Lyfe on Facebook; Sity Lyfe on Sound Cloud, Sity Lyfe Muzik on YouTube or on Instagram under the name: Sity Lyfe_Muzik.

At this time, McKenzie has chosen not to charge anyone for the Sity Lyfe album because it’s his first project. He said the feedback he receives is of utmost importance because as his music reaches people, they will know what to expect when he releases future projects.

“I’m interested in feedback because the fans are who we make the music for. If I’m making music for the people and they’re not agreeing with certain things that I am saying or whether it be production, whatever it may be musically, the feedback will help me get better.

“They might say stop cursing or stop using a certain word, and by doing that I can get more listeners. So based on the feedback I get, I make the type of music I make.”

Over the years, McKenzie believes that this sort of interaction with his listeners and getting feedback is what has allowed his music to grow.

As he looks to the future, McKenzie’s ultimate goal in the music industry is to become a producer with his own record label.

“I actually love producing, I like making projects and helping people, because like I said, it might be writing, rhythm, dancing, whatever it may be, I could help.  I like being in the studio – I love that feeling.

“My being an artist came along with me producing and having to record myself, but my main goal is to be a producer and have a label – more so an entertainment label – rather than just a music label. We will keep you entertained rather than you coming out to hear one or two songs and [then the] concert [is] over. No, it’s a movement for entertainment,” McKenzie concluded.

Jameko McKenzie/Sity Lyfe can be contacted at 1(242)816-4407 for additional information.

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