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Hope Town Council Meets

Members of the Hope Town District Council were dismayed when they met on July 24 that Nassau authorities have not taken more interest in arranging for filling the three vacant Council seats, two for Elbow Cay and one for Man-O-War. They will send a letter to the newly appointed minister for Local Government, the Hon. Renward Wells.

Several properties in Hope Town and Man-O-War are pressing Council to acknowledge their right to have a dock. However, several public docks are heavily used with boats infringing on the use of private adjoining docks. Present and past Councils have tended to view the public’s use of the public dock as more important than the rights of adjoining property. The issue was not resolved although it is becoming more contentious.

A Hope Town resident made a passionate and well documented plea for Council to use its best efforts to deny a web shop application. If approved, this would be the second numbers house business for Hope Town. The presentation also requested Council’s efforts to have the web shop shut down located beside the Methodist manse. The grant of a business license is outside Council’s authority although occasionally the Council has been asked for its opinion on an application. The Minister responsible for gaming has indicated he wants to wait for the Council to hold a public consultation to know the community reaction before he gets involves.

A property owner asked for Council’s help on removing a neighbour’s fence and sheds that are on her property. The Council did not want to get involved in a confrontation between two property owners. Council agreed, however, to look at past permits to see what was originally requested and if permission was correctly adhered to.

Chief Councillor Jeremy Sweeting asked the members to review budget figures for the present budget year that began July 1, 2018. His request was based on the assumption that Council’s new budget would be the same as last year. However, Council members decided to postpone that analysis until actual numbers were known.

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