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Murphy Town Home Coming Weekend Features Coconut Barking, Fishing, Music and More

The Murphy Town Home Coming was a three day affair with activities going on all through the weekend.

The highlight of Friday morning was a Fishing Tournament that took the fishermen along the shore from Doris Bay to Coconut Tree Bay.

The grounds around the community center building are very spacious, so there was ample space for many fun activities for the children to be occupied.

Sack race and egg & spoon race had the kids hopping about, then carefully holding a spoon with an egg while they raced to the other side of the field to win the prize at the end of the contest. After the three-legged race, they were ready for a rest.

The young ladies were invited to plait the Maypole, both on Friday and Saturday, which was a repeat of the previous day except for a few different contests.  A scavenger hunt had the kids running around the grounds to find paper notes that would give them clues to the next hiding spot. The winner of the six clues gladly accepted a Samsung Galaxy J2 phone, compliments of BTC.

Children enjoyed the water melon eating contest tremendously. A piece of water melon was placed on a table in front of each kid; they had to eat it as fast as they could without any implements.

The coconut barking contest had three men fighting to clean the bark off coconuts. No tools, but hands and teeth were used. A twenty-five-dollar gift certificate, offered by Central Pines Star Mart, rewarded the winner.

A lot of music was enjoyed in the evenings, singing by the Murphy Town Community Mass Choir, by the famous Dawkins sisters and by the Knowles Family Choir.

By the end of the weekend, the Rum Hill Boys and Impact bands provided live entertainment before a Junkanoo Rush by the Murphy Town Superstars that heralded the closing of the festivities for the night.

The place was never without a sound as in between performances DJ Convict played lively music. Of course, food was available provided by several local cooks and drinks with or without alcohol were available throughout the festival.

According to one of the organizers, the event was a success particularly for the vendors who she said were quite satisfied with the monetary outcome of the festival.

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