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Ashley Knowles (pictured center in white) is the head organizer for the annual Abaco Anglers Tournament. This year the proceeds from the event went to Hope Town Volunteer Fire & Rescue (above), Friends of Abaco Animals, Abaco “Pop’s” Shelter and the North Abaco Potcake Association.

48th Abaco Anglers Fishing Tournament Adds Charity Recipients

The Abaco Anglers Fishing Tournament took place between April 19-28, 2018.  The tournament is open to all ages, including a juniors’ category, with proceeds going to local charities every year. This year was the tournament’s 48th annual.

The tournament had a great turnout as anglers competed for top prizes. Despite challenging weather everyone still had a good time, and the support allowed the tournament, hosted by Hope Town Inn and Marina, to make contributions to local charities.

They made significant donations to the Hope Town Volunteer Fire & Rescue, Friends of Abaco Animals, Abaco “Pop’s” Shelter, and this year they added a third rescue organization, which is the North Abaco Potcake Association.

Something also added this year was a floating trophy in memory of Maitland Lowe also known affectionately as “Bone Fish Dundee.”  The trophy is a beautiful bronze bone fish that will go to the angler who catches the largest bone fish each year and was donated by Pete Johnston and Lighthouse Marina.

This year, the organizers saw it fitting to allow Mr. Lowe’s family to hold onto it until next year’s tournament and presented it to his wife Mercedes Lowe.

The awards banquet was held at Hope Town Inn & Marina.  The organizers look forward to another great turnout next year.

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