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Jossette Beadle, founder of The Me Project and The Gift of #Me girls program, assisting young ladies with their dream boards.

The Me Project Founder Hosts Dream Board Event

In conjunction with The Gift of #Me, Jossette Beadle, founder of The Me Project, organized a Cupcakes, Convo and Dream Board Party event at the Dundas Town Burial Society Hall on June 23.

The theme of the event was “Dare to Dream.”

According to Beadle, the event was designed to help girls and young women identify and find ways to achieve their goals as they fulfill their purpose. The event was also a fundraiser used to raise funds for the upcoming Back-to-School event scheduled for August.

Guest speakers included Lady Anette Gibson of Ginny’s Natural and Leticia McIntosh, founder of Daughters of Zion.

McIntosh’s presentation was about the fulfillment of one’s purpose. She told the young women present that God has thoroughly equipped them and has placed unique gifts within them.

“You are graced for it,” she informed them.

Sometimes, however, McIntosh pointed out that gifts are overlooked because they are things that we do easily are that become a routine in our lives, so they go unnoticed. Another way to identify your gift is to look at what you are constantly thinking about or doing as well as what you do well in the least amount of time, she added.

“In order to identify your God-given gift, you have to go back to your Creator,” she advised. “Ask Him what He wants you to become, or what direction He wants you to go in to live a fulfilled life that is pleasing to Him.

“When you are utilizing your gift, you are walking into your purpose, which brings glory to God.”

McIntosh noted that prayer also attaches your gift to the right people and places, and that our gifts do not have to be identical to anyone else’s.

Faith is also a necessary element on the path to purpose. McIntosh said that faith leads the way, and that you must have faith that God will deliver. She cautioned the young women to never allow fear to overshadow them or take control over their lives as they seek to please God.

McIntosh’s presentation led to the designing of dream boards using key words and photos that epitomize what the young women love to do.

Next, Anette Gibson talked about health, pausing to introduce herself before continuing her presentation. She told them that while in our search for purpose we oftentimes forget to look at something else that is really important, which is our health. She encouraged the young ladies to become more aware of what they put into their bodies.

Additionally, Gibson gave statistical data that reflected how the levels of cancer, kidney disease and other diseases have increased resulting in shorter life expectancies. She then offered tips on how people can start healthier eating habits.

A sumptuous assortment of pastries, beverages and a fruit platter were provided for guests, and Beadle thanked Claire Basden of Bliss Coffee House and Bianca from DF Treats for sponsoring her event.

The Me Project primarily focuses on pre-teens and young women between the ages of 12 to 25, whereas The Gift of #Me refers to the bi-weekly girls club offered through The Me Project, which is held at S. C. Bootle High School in Cooper’s Town.

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