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Hazel Lorene being escorted by students during a ceremony in her honour on June 18.

St. Francis Honours Retiring Teacher

As she walked up the steps to St Francis Catholic Church in the morning of June 18, Hazel Lorene was greeted by students lining each side of the stairs. As she climbed up, each of them handed her a red rose. Smiling, she stopped to thank them with a kiss or a hug

After a few years in Freeport and twenty three years as a teacher in the Catholic School, she was retiring to go back to her native Guyana.

Accompanied by two graduates, the emotional honouree made her entrance through the nave of the church, taking a seat in the front row as the room full of students gave her a standing ovation.

After the preliminaries of a formal function, such as the invocation and the singing of the National Anthem, she was treated to a series of meaningful and loving performances by the students body.

The ceremony was moderated by two students and students of each grade, from Pre-K to grade twelve, who interpreted music pieces, sang, and recited a poem by Maya Angelou. The also treated her with presents.

She was recognized by members of the faculty, such as the Principal, Leandra Kelly- Adderley and the Senior Master, Elmer Bongon, who addressed her to say farewell and wish her a happy retirement.

“It is hard to say good bye,” he said, “but we need to appreciate all the beautiful moments we shared. Your useful contribution will be forever remembered.”

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