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Murphy Town Local Gov’t Discusses Sun Oil Expansion, Town Cleanup and Independence Celebrations

Seven members of the Murphy Town Committee met on the evening of June 11. The meeting was overseen by Administrator Maxine Duncombe, the minutes recorded by Ramona Bethel.

On the agenda were the revising of the minutes of March 26 which had not been approved as yet. Nothing of importance was noticed except for typo errors.

The May 15 meeting concerned a plan of action to deal with Sun Oil requesting permission to increase their storage capacity. During that meeting it was agreed to hold a Town Meeting to inform the residents and get their opinion. The town meeting was held on June 5. The outcome of the town meeting that was held at the Community Center at 7pm were discussed among the committee members.

The Administrator wanted to know the position of the committee concerning the request of Sun Oil. She suggested they put it to a vote. She said that Sun Oil already submitted the application but that Town Planning would not act upon it until they receive an answer from the committee. Several committee members said they were not ready to make a decision and agreed to hold a private committee meeting to discuss the situation further.

The town clean-up was also on the agenda, especially the removal of derelict vehicles which was to be done by council.  Gilbert Davis said the committee would not perform a clean-up until the derelict vehicles were removed. However, he suggested performing a walk-through of town to speak to the residents and to organize a major clean-up on June 23.

Next the Independence celebrations were discussed at length. Admin. Duncombe mentioned that the idea was to have a proposal for the entire chain of Abaco islands, from Moore’s Island to Grand Cay. She said she was proposing to raise $25,000 and that a nineteen-member team was organizing the activities.

She said that a flag would leave Sandy Point on July 2 and be walked through each settlement to the North of the island, then be returned to Central Abaco for the celebration.

On July 7 celebrations would start in Cooper’s Town, followed by an ecumenical service at Full Gospel Church in Treasure Cay. On the 9th there would be an extravaganza in Murphy Town. She would like to get two large TV monitors that would show people who have contributed to Abaco. Administrator Duncombe would like to find forty-five people to honour. Stephen Gardiner was the obvious choice for Murphy Town. Then there would be a flag raising and an inspection of the guard.

On July 10, each district will have something going on. She asked for the support of the committee; which agreed to contribute.

There was a motion to put a flag in Great Cistern which Mr. Mark Douglas agreed to take care of.

The next item was the money allocated to Murphy Town by council- $ 65,000 – which the Administrator urged the committee to use as soon as possible, before the end of June as it would not be any longer available after that date. The committee members proposed to spend it on the ramp at Coconut Tree Bay, to work on the Cultural Village at Doris Bay, to repair the cemetery wall and organize a town clean-up. They agreed to proceed immediately.

The meeting ended with Mr. Cubel Davis asking the committee to contribute to the expenses of the Murphy Town Community Association regarding the May 31 Home Coming Celebration. The committee agreed to contribute $500.00.

The committee members present were, besides the Chairman, Gilbert Davis, Mark Douglas, Kahiry Swain, Tristan Bootle, Dereck Dawkins, Akeem Williams and Cubel  Davis.

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