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FHA grads toss their caps at the end of the ceremony.

FHA Grads Reflect Before Final Leap

Forest Heights Academy held their graduation ceremony on June 13 at 7pm at New Vision Ministries sending off twenty-four young adults to seek their future under the theme “A look back before we leap.”

After an opening prayer by Grace Swing, Brianna Sweeting handled opening remarks noting how rough the last year has been and how long it seemed to take, while thanking teachers, parents and friends who helped along the way.

Principle James Richard noted what a pleasure it has been to watch them grown over the course of their time in school into the young people they are today. He said “enjoy this moment in time, enjoy this goal you have reached; take time to realize what an accomplishment it is.”

He encouraged them to make sure to thank the people who encouraged them and helped them to where they are today.

He encouraged them to be proactive about their future; “choose to be incredible. You can be or do anything.”

Ebony Hanna introduced keynote speaker Father DeAngelo Bowe who congratulated the kids for a job well done and the parents for “having the patience and endurance to see them through this chapter of their journey.”

He encouraged the graduates to always find time to look back on the moments of their lives because it leads to humility and thankfulness.

He said “look back and never believe you go here on your own; remember those who contributed to this moment and never forget to say thank you.”

Kate Simms introduced the graduating class’s teacher, Janet Wedgewood noting of all the many fond memories the class would have of her.

Ms. Wedgewood congratulated the class on making it to this day noting how for many their school career was gone in a blink.

She said her prayer for the class is that no matter where they go or what they do that they “always listen to that inner voice, the voice that tells you what’s right or wrong, the voice that tells you how to behave; the voice that is you.”

Mr. Richard announced Gregory Cox as the recipient of the School Sports Award given to the top athlete in High School. The school has renamed the award after the recently departed Forest Heights Academy graduate Kale Pinder who was passionate about sports.

Valedictorian, Tierra Bethel reminisced on the first days of high school as they were “all pieces of a puzzle simply waiting to be solved.”

She said their journey from sixth grade to graduation was filled with rewarding and challenging times, “nevertheless it was a journey worth experiencing and I could not have chosen a better group of fellow travelers.”

She said that they stuck together and accomplished great achievements and are about to start a new journey.

“This is the end of our high school story and it’s time for us to break apart and go our separate ways; life is ahead of us and who knows what it will bring or where we may end up.”

She encouraged them to be more than just successful and live each day to the fullest while reflecting back on who they are and where they came from. “let us live our lives fearlessly, let us live our lives without regret and finally let us live the life that makes us happy.”

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