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Members of Junior and Senior Junkanoo groups received their rewards for participating in the Love Rush Junkanoo Parade on February 23 and 24, from the Chairman of the Abaco Junkanoo Committee 'Tony' Davis (Purple Shirt) along with Central Abaco Administrator Maxine Duncombe (Blue Dress).

Junkanoo Committee Presents Cheques to Participants

The Abaco Junkanoo Committee presented cheques to all participants of the 2018 Love Rush Junkanoo Parades which were held on February 23 and 24 in both the Junior and Adult categories.

Committee head, William ‘Tony’ Davis, said that as next year approaches it will mark 20 years of his chairmanship, ten years of Love Rush Junkanoo and fifteen years of Junior Junkanoo, and “the future still looks bright.”

Mr. Davis said that “the preschoolers did awesomely well,” and that he was impressed with their effort and the parents’ involvement.

He encouraged the senior Junkanoo members to, as they have time to, assist the preschools.

“The amazing thing about this is all the preschools are attached to Churches,” he said. “It is good to be able to balance what we believe and incorporate it into our cultural expression, and we’ve come a long way in that endeavor.”

Checks were presented to the Preschool groups, with Grace Bible Preschool who placed third receiving $200; Teaching Children to Achieve who came second received $300 and Change Ministries Preparatory  earning the first prize of $500.

In the Primary School Division fourth place Coopers Town Primary received $300, in third place Central Abaco Primary School received $500, in second place Treasure Cay Primary was awarded $700 and winning their second straight Junior Junkanoo, St Francis de Sales was awarded $1000.

In the High School Division only one school participated and winning the night was S.C. Bootle High who was awarded $1500.

In the Senior (Adult) Junkanoo placing third was the Green Turtle Cay Lil’ Island Slammers who received $5000, followed in second place by the Spring City Soldiers who won $7000, and new-comers United Abaco Spartans took first place winning $10,000.

Mr. Davis said “It’s always amazing when a group can come out for the first time and win, and I am especially happy because it is a group spearheaded by young men.”

He noted that it is “not only amazing because it is run by youth, but they also brought together people from Murphy Town and Dundas Town and significant number of persons from the Mudd and Pigeon Peas.”

“The Spartans are an amazing cross section of communities coming together creating something wonderful,” he said.

He thanked the committee members for their hard work and the many hours meeting to get everything sorted out, and for the volunteers who help with judging and watching the gates.

Central Abaco Administrator Maxine Duncombe congratulated all who participated and noted that “Junkanoo is a cultural expression for us as Bahamians, so continue to do what you do.”

“I love to see the colors and hear the music – once a person hears Junkanoo that gets in their spirit and they can’t help but to participate, so I am looking to see bigger and better things in the future,” she said.

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