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ERLS Accepts BEP Donation

The Elbow Reef Lighthouse Society (ERLS) sincerely thanks the BEP-Foundation and Charles & Ariane de La Baume for making the very kind donation of $5,000.00, for the second year in a row. While they were at the Lighthouse they met with members of the Elbow Reef Lighthouse Society (ERLS) and had a chance to meet two representatives from The Antiquities, Monuments and Museums Corporation (AMMC).  Shown left to right: Charles de La Baume; BEP-Foundation, Mr. Alexander Flowers; AMMC Secretary, Jeffery Forbes, Jr.; Lighthouse Keeper, Annie Potts; ERLS, Deb “DP” Patterson; ERLS, Kent LeBoutillier; ERLS, Dr. Keith Tinker; Director AMMC, Ariane de La Baume, BEP Foundation.  Thank you to Charles, Ariane and the BEP Foundation for helping the ERLS to “Keep The Light On!”

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